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The IYB is a non-profit organization that promotes primarily the japanese martial arts, known in general by the name nippon budo. The IYB is comprised of modern budo "Gendai Budo", with the traditional aspects, and old budo "Ko Budo or Koryu Bujutsu". Our organization is designate under the noble name "Yobukan", which means "the place where it's taught to stop the fight" by the "martial way" or "Budo". Literally "Budo" means "the way of stopping the fight" that extends beyond fight into other areas of life.

The IYB teachings gather the japanese principle of the unification of Shin (spirit; mind.), Gi (technique; skill.) and Tai (body).

The japanese character "kanji" for Shin literally means spirit or mind. However in a deeper insight we come to the meanings of heart and moral integrity, as well as the gathering of emotions. Secondly, the character for Gi presents us with the translation of technical skills. From here we can see the necessity for learning and developing skills that will benefit ourselves and thus benefit our society. Training is the path to the progression of our abilities. Finally the character for Tai translates to body and shows us the notion that the physical condition must be cultivated to the peak of human ability.



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- USA: March - October;
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